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Christine O'Sullivan

Elevate Your Bridal Expertise with Online Education platform

As an Educator, I have been very lucky & grateful to have been given such wonderful opportunities to further my own education. Opportunities that have taken me world-wide.From Photo-shoots in New-York, working alongside World Icons in the Hair & Photography Industry, to Senior Assisting well known names in Berlin, Madrid, London, & here in Ireland.I've met & worked with Amazing Creative Directors and Stylists across Europe .Having this experience & knowledge has allowed me to educate my own students to their highest level in teaching them with the fundamental skills for their own futures.

My Signature Glamour Waves

Dive into the art of creating effortlessly glamorous waves that redefine bridal elegance. Learn the secrets of achieving that perfect balance between sophistication and natural allure, ensuring your brides radiate timeless beauty on their special day.

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My Signature Hollywood Glam Wave

Unveil the Hollywood-inspired allure in bridal hairstyling. This course guides you through the steps to achieve the epitome of red-carpet glamour. Elevate your skills, bringing the essence of cinematic beauty to every bride you style.

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My Signature Power Pony-tail

Master the dynamic and powerful art of the bridal power ponytail. This course empowers you with techniques to craft a ponytail that not only holds its strength throughout the celebration but also exudes elegance and grace, leaving a lasting impression.

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My Signature Romantic low waved pony-tail

Immerse yourself in the romantic world of bridal beauty with the low waved ponytail. This course unveils the intricacies of creating a soft, romantic look that complements the bride's personality. Elevate your skills to weave romance into every bridal hairstyle you craft.

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