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Choosing the Right Bridal Hair Stylist for You!

Welcome to my very first blog post. What better way to start eh! 

I hear this question pop up year in, year out as wedding season and wedding planning starts and I guess it can be a question that is asked in many ways during each part of your wedding planning in choosing the “right supplier”.

Today we talk about choosing the right bridal hair stylist for YOU......

 I hear all of you ask: Where do I start? Where do I find? How will I know? What If? ?????????

 The simple answer: research!! 

Thankfully, nowadays, we have so many social media platforms, websites, and even word of mouth for great recommendations. The greatest advice that I will give you though is make sure you choose “a professional”. A bridal hair stylist that has had a lot of experience working with previous brides , prior to and on their wedding day. Experience in how timing works and taking you every step of the way to your “I DO”. Get this part correct and I promise you will be immediately in safe hands, as these guys n gals know exactly what they are doing. Anything that may or may not go wrong on the wedding day (even if not hair related)  these pros will be on it to sort!

 A funny story comes to mind - one of my past brides got married on a dark December morning. I arrived to panic as they had a power cut due to a storm. I know! But my auto-pilot brain kicked in and between lighting a zillion candles and her poor dad standing over my shoulder with a flash-lamp for a few hours while I pulled together some super up-styles, I still created calm and fun where it was needed. Today we still laugh about it when I meet this girl for her colour and styling appointments.  

 Once you have sourced your chosen professional bridal hair stylist, your next step is to do your research into the type of work/style that each stylist does. Do you have a particular look you want or theme, or style? Examples : Hollywood, Boho, Vintage, Modern Vintage, Simple, Soft, Elegant the list is endless.

Here is where you get scrolling, researching or I like to call it stalking!

There are absolutely amazing professional bridal hair stylists out there with all their gorgeous past and recent brides to see on their social media & website pages. Even for you to get ideas and inspiration for your own wedding day hair. Here is where you will also get inspiration for your bridesmaids, whether it be dresses, colours, flowers, make-up you get the idea!!!

I hope this has helped you in your choosing.

So, guys n gals get stalking!!!!

Much love always,

Christine x

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