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Getting The Hair Glossy & Shiny For Your Big Day!!!!!!

This is your Wedding Year , everything is now booked, your dream dress is ordered,the weeks are flying by towards your Big Day, and panic sets in as you think,oh I'v neglected my Hair over the past few months......

I see this happen so much,when I meet my Brides on Trial Appointments !!

My advice, Don't Panic..

You only ever need 3 good hair products in your life,no need to stock up on every product you see or believe you need in your life.

Whats good for others hair may not suit your hair type,so do your homework here,get a good consultation done,and stop wasting your money on products,that are for other hair types !!!!!!!!

My 2nd Advice:3 Products

 A Professional Shampoo , Conditioner, and Light-weight Leave-In spray Conditioner,are your main 3 products you need ,and all in your hair type, either it be for dry,oily,coarse,fine,damaged,coloured hair (you get the idea)

Just remember,products for coloured hair for example,may not be for your hair colour e.g: a blonde,is not going to use the same shampoo as a brunette or red hair.

Get My Drift

Final word: Get that consultation, buy professional products only

You will Thank Me Later !!

Christine x

Ps: Feel free to reach out if you need some further advice on what products id recommend for you. I have just updated the website shop for some of my favourite products that I recommend to all my Brides 

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